31 juli 2012

Påannonsering: Indien

Jag lovar dyrt och heligt att jag ska lägga upp en massa bilder från Indien, ha tålamod!
Men nu bara ett citat från Goa Times 12 juli, bara för er.

Bipasha Basu:
"I was called an unconventional actress in every article where I entered, perhaps more so because I was dusky and tall. Dusky became a constant adjective with me. And when people meet me, they say aap toh kaale nahi ho, aap toh gore ho! And I'm like, hello, I'm not gori! But this is the first conversation fans have with me. Why do you look dark on screen? I laugh and say, mujhe pasand hai, main do shade dark karti hoon apne ko. What do you say?"

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